High Voltage Interconnection line “Oitilo – Skala Lakonias”

The project includes the procurement and installation of an underground power cable connection (150kV, XLPE insulated) between the new Oitilo DC and the existing Skala DC with nominal length 40.000 m, as well as the procurement and installation of an underground power cable connection.

Participation in the project includes,  the following tasks:

  • The excavations of trenches with nominal dimensions of 0,80m width and 1.60m depth, as well as larger pits with nominal dimensions of 2,00m width, 8,00m length and 2,00 m depth, necessary for the connections of cable segments in appointed junctions.
  • The encasement of tubular pipes in concrete, through which the cables will cross intersecting major streets.
  • The installation of three high voltage (150kV) power cables, as well as any additional fiber optics and pilot cables, as required.
  • The fitting and assembling of the cable segments’ connections within the pits, as well as the cable ends inside the High Voltage Terminal and Distribution Center.
  • The backfilling of trenches and pits and the reinstatement of asphalt layer.
  • Final quality and operation tests

“Georgios Karaiskakis” Stadium

Karaiskakis Stadium is classified as a 4-star football stadium by the UEFA organisation, allowing it to host the UEFA Europa League Final if chosen. It hosts 40 VIP lounges and suites, that can hold up to 472 persons, a press conference hall, that can hold up to 130 seats, 200 seats for press and media coverage, an entire shopping mall, with restaurants, cafés, retail and clothing stores and a gym.

The stadium also hosts Olympiacos Museum, dedicated not only to the history of the football club, but to the history of all the departments of the multiple European title-winning multi-sport club Olympiakos CFP. There are 10 automated ticket selling machines around the stadium enabling reservations through the internet or by phone. There is no extra charge for the parking area, which takes up to 2,500 cars. Due to its design, the stadium’s tribunes have the ability to empty within 7 minutes. The stadium also has restaurants and stores opened during concerts and games and sometimes open with the daily general timetable of most Greek stores and shops.