Acharnai-Tithorea Railway

Technical characteristics:
Section length: 255 km
Design Speed: 200 kph

Acharnai-Tithorea Railway The project involved works for the upgrading of the infrastructure and superstructure of the railway line and the construction of fencing at selected sections of the existing double railway line Oinoi – Thessaloniki, in order to achieve a traffic speed of up to 200 kph. The upgraded sections amount to approximately 255 km, along a single line, in the sections Oinoi – Tithorea, Domokos – Larissa and Aiginio – Thessaloniki
works for upgrading the infrastructure of the line, wherever the line is problematic
works for upgrading the superstructure of the line, by changing the worn materials and correcting cant
small structures, mainly for rainwater discharge, as well as cleaning the existing trenches
fencing identified sections of the line, mainly close to railway stations.

New Ways Development Works:
Land Surveying
Detailed Alignment Design

TAP Gas Pipeline

Connecting with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) at the Greek-Turkish border, Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) will cross Northern Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea before coming ashore in Southern Italy to connect to the Italian natural gas network.

The project is currently in its construction phase, which started in 2016.

Once built, TAP will offer a direct and cost-effective transportation route opening up the vital Southern Gas Corridor, a 3500-kilometre long gas value chain stretching from the Caspian Sea to Europe.

New Ways Development Works:
Preliminary & Detailed Alignment Design
Preliminary & Detailed Drainage Design
Land Surveying