Spatial & Urban Planning

Urban Planning

When you walk through a city, the dynamic urban spaces are what you remember and come back to experience again. That is what urban design is all about—making connections between people and places. It shapes cities and suburbs, whether through the planning of their buildings and neighborhoods, their streets and plazas, or their parks and infrastructure.
NWD’s wide range of urban planning services fall into three basic categories: urban revitalization, new towns, and design initiatives. Urban infill plans comprise the majority of our projects, often accompanied by form-based codes or other regulations to ease their long-term implementation. New town projects come with regulatory documents and phasing strategies, in which value is incrementally added over time.
NWD’s design incorporates flexibility for a variety of uses and users to respond to social, environmental, and economic needs.
NWD’s designs create buildings, landscapes, and communities that emerge as models for minimizing environmental impacts, and connecting people to their environment.

Spatial Planning

Building on our team’s long involvement in citywide and municipal spatial planning, NWD guarantees to shape and consider development proposals and devise or interpret plans and policies, negotiate and regulate development schemes, undertake community consultations, develop evidence and present reports to clients and decision makers.
In line with our team’s strengths in planning and development and real estate markets and investment, NWD engages with economic and property development processes at all levels, from the site, neighborhood, local, national and international. We are able to concentrate on particular aspects of development planning (e.g. strategic, economic, environment, regeneration or countryside) to suit them better in each individual project and undertake in-depth study, within a framework that emphasizes integration.