Engineering & Design


From complex urban interchanges to rural intersections and streetscapes, We provide highway and roadway engineering to take projects from feasibility and design to project management and its final completion.

Land Surveying

Complete and accurate surveys and mapping information lay the foundation for all subsequent design and construction work. NWD is transforming the way surveying work is done through the adoption of innovative technologies, providing real efficiencies and cost savings by enhancing data capture, analysis, and presentation process.

Structural Design

We offer a service for structural and civil engineering design, both as a stand-alone capability and as part of larger integrated design schemes. Our chartered engineers and engineering technicians have extensive experience of designing both above-ground and below-ground elements of schemes.

Geological – Geotechnical

NWD engineers are highly experienced in the principles of engineering geology, soil and rock mechanics, foundation engineering and other geotechnical engineering for transportation, bridge, energy or building projects. Our engineers and geologists conduct subsurface investigations, geologic assessments, subsidence evaluations and remediation, and detailed foundation testing, analysis, and design.

Hydraulic Design

NWD has the expertise for undertaking detailed hydraulic studies incorporating:

  • Reclamation works
  • Dams
  • Water supply
  • Sewage and rainwater drainage

Renewable energy projects

From design to planning and from management to development NWD has an established track record of delivering a wide range of energy efficient solutions and innovative renewable energy engineering projects, including solar, wind and geothermal.

Energy Networks

NWD has the experience, knowledge and technical expertise within the oil, gas and energy industry to offer innovative solutions. Our engineers also have extensive experience with alternative sustainable energy, including solar, wind and geothermal systems Using new technologies and innovative approaches to problem solving, our planners, engineers and experts develop flexible, cost-effective solutions for public and private-sector clients with varying needs.


Our expertise allows us to provide valuable solutions during engineering studies of any of residential, commercial or industrial facilities. Alternative design options, energy efficient systems or product substitutions will reduce the building initial investment and operational costs while maintaining or enhancing the quality and functional performance.