Combined Cycle Power Plant in Megalopolis

Combined Cycle Power Plant in Megalopolis

scopeCombined Cycle Power Plant


Participation in the construction of the project: “Combined Cycle Power Plant in Megalopolis”

Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC Contract), on behalf of Public Power Corporation of Greece, of a Combined Cycle Power Plant with a nominal capacity of 811 MW at reference conditions. The plant includes two 9FB Gas Turbines and one D11 Steam Turbine in multi shaft arrangement, two Heat Recovery Steam Generators complete with flue gas bypass systems, a Steam Surface Condenser, a Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower and a Water Treatment Plant for the production of Decarbonated and Demineralized Water.

The new gas-fired Power Plant “Megalopolis SES Unit V” is an addition to the existing four (4) lignite Power Plants in Megalopolis Area.